Learning Awareness Coaching & Retreats

Awareness is like the sun.

When it shines on things, they are transformed.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Learning Awareness Coaching & Retreats


... show ways how we can profoundly and sustainably transform our personality by ...


  • Transforming negative habits

  • Let go of trauma from the past

  • Developing more compassion and empathy

  • Learning to forgive ourselves and others

  • Silencing the inner critic

  • Learn to love ourselves

  • Learn to regulate our moods and negative emotions

  • Not allowing fear or shame guide us anymore

  • Live our potential and our dreams

  • Recognize our destiny and our calling

"Life begins,

where fear ends "


At the core of the search for meaning and self-realization is the question:



Who am I?


Am I living my potential and my dreams or is fear holding me back?

Do I live my truth or did I adopt other people's map of the world?

"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken"

Oscar Wilde

What shapes our personality?


The Latin word for mask is 'persona'. Our social image and the masks we wear form the fabric of our personality.



The roles we learned in childhood and adolescence still determine our self-image and these patterns are repeated in our profession and in our relationships.



Masks create barriers because they hide our true nature, often making it difficult to establish authentic and trustful relationships.



As we become more conscious and understand our personality structure better, our relationships become more authentic and we can better regulate our actions and feeelings.

"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to be. "

CJ Jung

The path from the personality to the authentic Self


What remains, if we take off the persona, no longer orient ourselves towards external expectations and do not define our Self only as a result of our upbringing and cultural conditioning? What remains is our " original face ", who we really are?


At this deep level of being there is no self-criticism or self-doubt, no trauma or drama.


When we are more connected with this part within ourselves, we regain the qualities of our essence: authenticity, creativity, clarity, joie de vivre, self-love, trust and solidarity.

"Follow your heart.

Don't follow what you were told to do "

J. Cole

Passionate and authentic living and loving. Take a break from your everyday life, find out who you are and what is really important in your life.