Coaching - A dialogue based partnership

(60 -90 min)

We are a team of seminar leaders and coaches for personal development and for deep, sustainable inner transformation. Together we have been leading intensive seminars such as the Path of Love Retreat, women's and men's work, Primal Groups and seminars for the inner child, meditation courses and leadership training in Germany and throughout Europe for over 30 years.


What is personal development?


Personal development focuses on increasing awareness and self-confidence. Our goal is to support you with the following challenges and questions:


How to …


  • find inner peace and strength in uncertain times

  • better deal with fears, worries and uncertainty

  • build confidence

  • transform negative habits

  • heal traumas from your personal history

  • develop more compassion for yourself and others

  • forgive yourself and others

  • silence the inner critic

  • learn to love yourself more

  • learn to regulate moods or negative emotions

  • more trust life and not allow fear or shame to guide us

  • to live your potential and your dreams

  • to recognize our calling in life

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