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The Path of Love Retreat

The Path of Love is a 7-day, intensive, loving and liberating process that supports you in your personal development to awaken your passion and to realize your full human and spiritual potential.

This work gives you tools to further develop your awareness and emotional intelligence. This enables a change in your self-perception, your empathy and love for yourself and for others.

The Path of Love can help you ...

  • To enter into deeper connection and conscious relationship

  • Feeling more connected to yourself and others.

  • Feeling relaxed with yourself.

  • To discover the feeling of self-love and inner peace

  • To make more conscious decisions that support your well-being.

  • Allowing and experiencing authentic love

  • Feeling a sense of belonging.

The Path of Love has been held in 14 countries and in 5 languages ​​for 23 years.

Eine Sufigeschichte der Liebe

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