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Updated: Mar 30, 2020

The Heart Journey

In this difficult time we would like to give you a small gift:

Music for relaxation and meditations to better cope with our fear, worries and negative thoughts.   In times of absolute uncertainty, it is more important than ever that ...

  1. we take good care of our bodies and mental health, through meditation, dancing, singing, walking in nature, good conversations with friends and caring for others.

  2. we protect ourselves from negativity, from gravity and seriousness, fake-news, rumors from social media, conspiracy theories, panic and all kinds of psychic viruses.

We would like to invite you to listen to heart meditations in order to remain calm, positive and healthy and to stay connected with others in your heart even during social isolation or self-quarantine

1. Atisha heart meditation to transform worries and fear

2. Heart meditation for self-compassion and self-love

3. Buddhist mindfulness meditation for inner peace.

4. VUCA meditation to deal with uncertainty.

Find more free meditations under www.meditatenow.de

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