Primary intensive seminar

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Primary intensive seminar

The first part (8 days) of this intensive seminar will take you back to your early childhood. It is important to consciously relive what the child has experienced, learned and internalized. This awareness helps you to free yourself from behavioral patterns and fears, the roots of which lie in early childhood adaptation mechanisms. We recognize survival strategies that were helpful in the family but are now inappropriate in adult life.

In emotional expression, suppressed feelings such as anger, sadness and pain can be released so that the body and the nervous system can relax again. When you start to accept your Inner Child, it can find its way back to its trust. Then emotional wounds can heal and you can unfold in your uniqueness.

The second part (7 days) of the seminar takes you back to your puberty and teenage years. The imprints from childhood often meant that we did not have the necessary confidence to try out the beginning development of sexual energy. We had no one to whom we could confide our inner needs and fears in order to be able to grow beyond them. We unconsciously took over the conditioning and role behavior of our parents and their messages about sexuality and being a man / woman.

It is healing to share the experiences from this time with each other and to accept yourself and others - the same as the opposite sex - with all the insecurity and uncertainty. Through playful experimentation you will learn to perceive your sensations and to entrust yourself to the flow of energy in your body. You can open up, allow more closeness and ultimately leave the wounds and old roles behind and find what is really yours.

Topics Part 1 - Early Childhood Conditioning

  • Becoming aware of the dynamic between you as an adult and the feelings of the child

  • Space for the child's feelings that were not allowed or condemned

  • Your role within the family: recognize how this role determines your self-image and repeats itself in professional and relationship life

  • To come from the helplessness of the child to dignity and strength: develop the ability to defend oneself and to set limits

  • Admitting needs: learning to provide what you need

  • Resource work: discovery of the natural inner child and its power

  • Imprinting during conception and pregnancy

  • New birth, new beginning: welcome you with your spontaneity and authenticity

Topics part 3: Conditioning in puberty and teenage years

  • Accepting your body and your sensuality

  • Recognize your parents' messages regarding sexuality and relationships and learn to go your own way

  • Boys among themselves / girls among themselves - belonging to their own gender

  • Giving teenagers the support they need to become a man or a woman

  • Process negative experiences that you have had with the opposite sex and open yourself up to new encounters

  • Regular meditations: come to your center, feel rooted in yourself and integrate what you have experienced

  • Primary intensive seminar - German
    Fri, 20 Nov
    Osho UTA Institute
    20 Nov 2020, 09:00 – 25 May 2021, 17:00
    Osho UTA Institute, Venloer Str. 5-7, 50672 Cologne, Germany
    Encounter with the Inner Child. Travel back to your true nature. If you accept your Inner Child, it can find its way back to its trust. Then emotional wounds can heal and you can unfold in your uniqueness.

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